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Producer of the Hit Show "Insecure"and Co-Founder of Color Creative, Deniese Davis!

Updated: Mar 31

Deniese Davis, a Las Vegas native, graduated from LA's famed American Film Institute and is the producer on HBO's hit show Insecure. She sits down with Nigel & Omar and discusses hustling her way through 3 cities to make it in Film & TV.

Listen to Deniese's journey from navigating internships in NYC to building a production company, Color Creative, with Issa Rae. Deniese breaks down vegas tacos, her recipe for the delicacy that is “Greasy Gravy Chicken,” her cultural backgrounds, racial abiguity, and drops a little advice for the current generation on the come up.

This episode is full of laughs and whiskey as old and new friends catch up while chatting about the creative processes, & life.

✍🏾: @isarias


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