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Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell Founder of The Iconoclast Dinner Experience Interview

Updated: Mar 31

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell on The Gumbo Pot Podcast to discuss everything going on in her world. Lezli is a board certified pediatric dentist, graduate of The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, She is a Spelman Alum, mother of five, co-founder of Dental Kidz, & creator and curator of The Iconoclast Dinner Experience.

The Iconoclast Dinner Experience is a series of signature events that take place in Chicago, NYC, and Martha’s Vineyard celebrating food, wine, and spirits trailblazers of color. Their mission is to broaden the conversation to include the diverse voices from throughout the globe making s

ignificant contributions to food culture.  IDE events include The All-Star Culinary Bash, Impolite Conversation, Taste of The Iconoclast Dinner, The Iconoclast Dinner and The King Is Dead. All event proceeds benefit Spelman College students from Jamaican and sub-Saharan African countries.

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Instagram @icondinner

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